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Neem Holistic

Bedfordshire: benefit of relaxing massage now in bedford!

Aromatherapy Massage

Massage is an art that operates through the empathy between the person giving the massage, the person receiving it and the aroma of the oils.

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Facial massage improves circulation, relieve stress and depression.

Holistic Facials

A wonderful way to improve the texture of the skin, increase circulation and encourage rejuvenation. Relieves stress and depression, promotes well-being and a relaxed confident expression with radiant appearance.

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Beauty brand: NYR organic Neem Holistic Bedfdshire in bedford

Neal's Yard Remedies

Organically grown natural ingredients: all the oils and skincare products used by Neem Holistic are by NYR, ethical, organic and beauty brand. Neem Holistic and NYR are committed to your health and well-being. Improving your health is time well spent.

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Neem Holistic
14 St Mary's Street
Bedford (Beds)
MK42 0AS

Special offers

Introductory Offers

20% discount off your first treatment.

Gift Vouchers

Are available to purchase for all treatments making them an ideal gift for friends and family for every occasion.

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Other Treatments

Organic Manicure & Pedicure

Revitalise and rejuvenate hands and feet with luxuriously nourishing and naturally treatments.

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Qualified Skincare Formulator

Neem Holistic Studio diplomated organic skincare
Nemm Holistic Studio certificate in Spa Chocolate beauty  products
Neem Holistic Studio certificate in facial masque therapy
Neem Holistic Studio certificate in organic anti ageing skincare
Neem Holistic Studio certificate in organic skincare formulation

Natural massage treatments : Neem holistic Bedford

I believe in natural ingredients.

The Nature defines our ideals of beauty.
Nature produces healthful substances.
Nature is the source of health and beauty.