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Start your day with aromatherapy

Published on : 21/November/2016


How you feel when you wake up often sets the mood for the day ahead. With aromatherapy, you can help programme your mind and body to feel good as soon as you stir, and help you feel energized and positive as you meet the challenges that each morning brings. Essential oils can help to lift your spirits as you start the day,

and there are many ways in which to enjoy their aromas. From showering in your own aromatherapy “steam” room to simply smelling a dilute wake-up oil, aromatherapy can help you feel more grounded and less stressed, even when you have a frantic timetable ahead. If you sleep well, you feel more rested and positive in the morning, so getting off to a good star often means a good night’s rest. In the evening, you can use an aromatherapy stone, vaporizer, diffuser, or essential oil burner to perfume your bedroom.


Some essential oils will wake you up almost as quickly as the alarm clock. You can use these natural energizers in seconds as modern-day smelling salts, literally to bring you around, although in this case only from a sleepy state, rather than a fainting fit or an “attack of the vapours”. Bergamot, basil, and peppermint oils are great for early starts – just add a few drops of your chosen oil to a cup of hot water and inhale slowly, or drop the neat oil onto a tissue and hold it under your nose. If this is too intense for you, go for peppermint tea. Give yourself a few minutes to sip the infusion and inhale the scent as you gradually revive. If you can, avoid drinking coffee in the morning – it may act like rocket fuel to get you springing out of the front door, but the downside is that it will make you feel tense before the day has even begun. Go for herbal teas or warm water with lemon.


The uplifting oils listed here have added benefits to help you deal with those weekday mornings.

  • Bergamot: calms stress and irritability; releases “stuck” energy
  • Basil: awakens the mind
  • Geranium: a mood-enhancer; calms worry
  • Grapefruit: a detoxifying tonic
  • Lemon: refreshes; promotes a sense of humour
  • Peppermint: a stimulant; eases headaches
  • Rosemary: boosts the body into action: enhances memory
  • Thyme: fights lethargy

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