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Golden Milk five reasons to take it and recipe

Published on : 08/November/2016


We can call Golden Milk: it is a drink made from turmeric by the many benefits, it is recommended especially for those suffering from joint problems and to those seeking a natural anti-inflammatory. The Golden Milk benefits are mainly due to the presence of turmeric.  This oriental spice now well known in our country contains a beneficial substance called curcumin, increasingly the subject of scientific studies in recent years.

The turmeric in itself has many beneficial properties. It is suggested as a natural remedy for difficult digestion, in the case of liver disorders, for menstrual disorders, for abdominal bloating, but also for joint pains, such as headache or toothache, and to stimulate the secretion of bile. Especially in the case of joint or muscle pain and inflammation, the suggestion is to take the golden milk once a day for 40 days.

Here are 5 good reasons to take the Golden Milk:

  1. As a natural anti-inflammatory

The golden milk is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps prevent problems such as arthritis and stomach ulcers. Ayurvedic medicine considers the Golden Milk like a true natural aspirin that can help in case of headache, swollen or painful.


  1. Relieve joint and muscle pain

The assumption of the golden milk with turmeric is especially recommended to relieve joint or muscle pain and in general disorders affecting the joints. This is the major beneficial properties of the Golden Milk. It 'a great natural remedy to lubricate the joints and spine, liked by everyone, not only for athletes and those who practice Yoga.


  1. Relieve respiratory ailments

The golden milk is recommended as a natural remedy for respiratory problems related to bacterial or viral infections. It helps relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases, with particular reference to sinusitis. It is considered also useful for asthma and bronchitis.

  1. Cleanse the liver

The golden milk, thanks to the presence of turmeric, is a real natural remedy to cleanse the liver and purify the blood. It helps to improve liver function. It supports the activity of the liver and contributes to the purification of the lymphatic system.


  1. Regulate metabolism

Among the many benefits of turmeric are the ability to regulate metabolism and help maintain a healthy body weight. For this reason the intake of the Golden milk could be useful to those who want to prevent overweight and obesity.


Here's the recipe for Golden Milk


  • ¼ cup of turmeric
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 cup milk (even vegetable)
  • 1 teaspoon of almond oil
  • Honey


Boil the water with the turmeric, stirring slowly until the mixture dries and becomes a little denser. For each cup of Golden Milk to be prepared you need to mix ¼ teaspoon of the mixture made with turmeric in a cup of milk and then adding a teaspoon of almond oil (I recommend the one for food use!). Heat  it and finally add  the honey, in variable quantities according to taste. If you want to make this drink even more tasty, shake it! It will become so beautiful sprinkling  with a little of cinnamon.


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