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The best way to achieve healthy skin

The best way to achieve healthy skin

Which products to choose for a balance between internal and external? Here are the valuable advice of naturopathy. The skin is the largest organ of our body. Its function is to protect as a barrier, but is also a organ that expels toxins from the body. It is also an organ of communication and relationship, through the skin come into contact with others, we communicate our emotions. As filter member our skin not only works from the inside out, but also carries from outside to inside. For this reason all substances that come into contact with our skin should be chosen carefully. The skin should be cleaned and then with extreme caution, care, nourished and moisturized from inside and from outside.

The inspiration behind my branding

The idea of Linea Aroma was born from the strong passion towards the product that nature gives us every day. Freshness, simplicity, essence of nature have given me the idea to dedicate myself to it and use it in my creations. They aim to take care of our body from the point of view of physical and mental wellbeing, because these two realities cannot be absolutely separated. The idea of the name comes from union with the word ‘aroma’ that contains within itself a whole universe: my Italian origins (hence the name in the language), have always allowed me to know and appreciate the fruit of my land. The concept is to be able to use the same fruits for the nourishment and beauty of our body through essential and natural oils: citrus fruits, that give energy and revitalize, the plant of olive that provides vital nourishment and softness, tropical fruits that contain a wealth of beneficial substances for health.

My products

Skincare range

Reserve the best care to your skin with dedicated products and created to meet specific needs. Moisturize, nourish, soothe, tone, rejuvenate, these are the keywords for the products of my skincare category. Only natural ingredients that do not alter any important function of the skin, the principles of naturopathy in my formulas. Trasform your skin.

The products are formulated with only natural ingredients to maintain healthy skin, without the use of preservative. Nature offers substances to treat the skin, combinations of natural elements useful to fight skin blemishes, countering the aging of the skin and keep it healthy and fresh. For this reason my skincare range can be purchased on order, directly from my studio or checking their availability on my Etsy shop You can also contact me for more information and update.Clich here

Tea Tree Light Cream

Purifies & Regenerates

The base of tea tree oil cream owes its effect to a wide range of active ingredients with the strength of tea tree oil,
it prevents the formation of blacks points and skin impurities, soothes the irritated skin, thins pores and refreshes the skin,
stimulates skin regeneration. This effective herbal cream can also be used to regenerate the skin, for the treatment of chapped skin or scars.
Apply the cream on affected areas and massage gently.
If the skin tends to form impurities, apply the cream in the evening, so that during the night the epidermis to regenerate better.

INGREDIENTS: Prunus amygdalus, cera alba, lavandula angustifolia, ginseng root extract, symphytum officinale leaf extract, chamomile flower, melaleuca alternifolia.

60ml - 1.98 FL OZ


Soothing Foot Gel

Refresh & Repair

This fresh gel has a light texture and it is easily absorbed. It gives an immediate, pleasant and lasting feeling of freshness and lightness to tired feet, swollen and tired. The cooling effect of the essential oil of peppermint stimulates the microcirculation of the skin; the rosemary essential oil performs a normalizing function and gives a new vitality to the feet, leaving the skin soft, pleasantly dry and protected. refreshes and revives permanently feet donating deodorizing effect.

INGREDIENTS: Arnica flower extract, avena sativa kernel extract, glycerin, hamamelis virginiana, tocopherol, rosmarinus officinalis, mentha piperita, xanthan gum.

60ml - 1.98 FL OZ


Sensitive Smooth Balm

Body & Face

This balm has been specially developed for the daily, intensive care of very sensitive and dry skin, as well as skin prone to eczema. A combination of caring and skin compatible oils increase the moisture content of the skin, provide the skin intensively with valuable lipids and soothe irritated skin. Can also be used on any aging skin that needs extra attention. Suitable for body and face.

INGREDIENTS: pelargonium graveolens, prunus amygdalus, simmondsia chinensis, rosa canina, oenothera biennis, juniperus virginiana, butyrospermum parkii, lavandula angustifolia.

120 ml - 4.058 FL OZ


Anti-Ageing Serum

Lifts & Firms

Inspired by ingredients used by the Egyptians to preserve the skin of mummies, this face oil is rich in Frankincense therapeutic grade essential oil and four carrier oils. Known for their healing properties of the skin 2500 years ago, the selection of oils in this product create a nurturing aroma along with properties to slow the aging process and leave a silky finish. Use day or night, massage 6 drops completely into the face, neck and chest area.

INGREDIENTS: Persea gratissima, argania spinosa, rosa moschata, daucus carota sativa, citrus aurantium, boswellia carteri, commiphora myrrha, santalum spicatum.

60ml - 1.98 FL OZ