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Holistic Facials

relax your tension with facial dry skin aromatherapy treatments in bedfordOrange Flower Facial

Nourishes and Replenishes - Dry Skin

Ideal to help protect dry skin against premature ageing, deeply replenishes and rehydrates. This facial includes:

gentle cleansing cream
facial polish, with gently exfoliating wild rose seed powder to live skin smooth, enriched and revitalised
toner, tones and refines dry skin
anti-oxidant facial mask, to stimulate collagen encouraging a fresher, brighter complexion
eye gel, toning and moisturising the delicate skin around the eye
moisturiser, replenishes and protects dry skin

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: £ 20.00

relax your tension with facial nrmal skin aromatherapy treatments in bedfordRose Flower Facial

Rehidrates and Soothes - Normal Skin

Ideal to moisturise and enhance the skin's natural radiance. This facial includes:

gentle cleansing cream
facial polish to sweaps away dead skin cells
toner to leaves skin beautifully refreshed and helps prepare skin to better absorb moisturiser
anti-oxidant mask with omega-rich oils for a revitalising boost
eye gel, toning for the delicate eye area
moisturiser, replenishes and rehydrates

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: £ 20.00

relax your tension with facial oily skin aromatherapy treatments in bedfordPalmarosa Facial

Purifies and Balances - Oily Skin

Ideal for a clearer, more mattified complexion, helps to control shine where skin is oily, and hydrates where skin is dry. This facial includes:

gentle cleansing cream
facial polish, gently decongests and balances
toner, helps to keep skin clean and clear with gently astringent witch hazel to help refine pores
purifying mask, helps decongest the skin and unblock pores
eye gel, toning for eye area
moisturiser, rehydrates and balances skin's moisture levels, with oil-balancing essential oils

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: £ 20.00

Rejuvenate and Tones with facial Anti Ageing aromatherapy treatments in bedford Frankincense Facial

Rejuvenate and Tones - Anti Ageing

Ideal for defy the age naturally, tone and moisturise the skin. This facial includes:

cleanser, smothes and gently refines
facial polish, sweaps away dead cells
toner, balances and revitalises with anti-oxidant-rich extracts
facial massage
firming mask, helps to tighten and tone with firming marine extract
facial serum, helps firm and boost radiance, an intensive rejuvenating boost

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £ 25.00

Such as an aromatherapist and a skincare formulator I'm proud to use the excellent
Neal's Yard Remedies range of products during my holistic facial treatments.